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The open lending library of Kimolos (OLLΚ) is lending books without procedures to the residents as well as to the visitors of the island, which are offered in original showcases– works of art that highlight the beauty of nature, not to mention the saddle of our “Meleti”, the first ever donkey-librarian, who wanders around the traditional streets and brings the knowledge and the fun to those seeking it! The library is outdoors and is located in quite unusual locations in four different points of the village. In Sotiras’s square the main library established to operate. It consists of trunks that used to exist in older households, which were painted in Cycladic hue and were configurated eventually to host books, including some showcases from tree branches, of which the books are hanging. From tree branches are also the showcases located in the Karkani area, as well as opposite from Agios Ioannis Chrisostomos church, while in the Agora (market), under Kamara (Arch), the books are waiting the readers inside a traditional plate holder.

The outdoors OLLK opened in the summer of 2016 and operates from June to mid-September. While in Kimolos there aren’t any public libraries, with this particular action the residents have their needs covered too. In Winter, the books are protected in a closed, secure place. We really hope that in the future, OLLK will have a fully functional place, where readers will be able to visit during winter.

Everyone’s reaction to our initiative filled us with joy and justification since our successful implementation of our inspiration is based –as well as every other action of ours- in voluntary work. Seeing the readers being so surprised and responding impressively, many journalists and many friends of ours to forward our cause in different social media and traditional media platforms, bringing it to the center of attention and eventually making it popular in the whole country, we feel the urge to thank each and every one of you and intensify our effort so we can thank you with actions as well!

Since May of 2019 the open lending library of Kimolos is extending with four new showcases, which are already waiting our readers at the island’s port, in Psathi and in Aliki, Mponatsa and Prasa beaches! The libraries are boat shaped and they are, just like the older ones, a work of art! Matter of fact, they have been sculpted by the painter Eleni Teknopoulou, who has travelled, after an invitation from Stauroula Ventouri, from Ammouliani of Chalkidiki to Kimolos for our cause with four different designs, which display messages for the reduction of the one usage plastics and the protection of our seas!
The project is a donation of the A C Laskaridis Charitable Foundation, in the context of the project “Sea Change Greek Islands”, aiming at the protection of the sea world and the reduction of the one usage plastic, in which ambassadors in the Kimolos are… the “Kimolistes”!
The libraries – boats were built in Athens and were painted in Kimolos from “Kimolistes”, while photo shooting was made by Dora Kavellary, volunteer photographer of the “Sea Change Greek Islands” project.

For the end we saved a big “Thank you” to Stavroula Ventouri, thanks to her unwavering contribution – from the organization, hard work, creativity, inspiration, texts, and the solution of any problem that arose – at her own personal charge this project has been completed and our boats today are ready to travel the residents and visitors of our island!

We also want to thank:

  • The architects Katerina Veniou and Athina Samiou, who designed our library based on the aesthetics of Kimolos and highlighted the sea wood -recyclable material which is located mainly in the north beaches of the island- as the perfect choice for the creation of our labels.
  • Ms Flora Ramfou for the chest idea as well as the plate holder.
  • The city’s council, which approved the use of public spaces for our cause.
  • Our co patriot Katerina Antivahi for taking care and creating the accompanying inscription in the library.
  • The charitable foundation of Athanasiou K. Laskaridi for the construction of the library – boats.
  • The Afentakeio Klirodotima for giving us the space where the books are stored.
  • The transport services of Vasilis Moraitis and Nikos Moustakas, who support our effort by serving us without charge and bring us totally free the books you’re sending!
  • And finally, each and every resident of Kimolos as well as the residents of all Greece, the publishers, the society and the carriers, who offered books, chests, plate holders or help of any kind, whose mention is practically impossible, because they are too many, but their contribution in the operation of the Open Lending Library of Kimolos was decisive.


The books of OLLK come exclusively from donations. In order to enhance the services and be able to offer bigger variety and choices to its readers, we remind to everybody who doesn’t want an old book of theirs anymore (mostly literature or any other) the library can accept your offers at:

<<For the voluntary team of Kimolos>> “Kimolistes”,

Kimolos, Cyclades, P.C. 84004, Greece»

In order to send us books, you can communicate with the transport services companies, which serve Kimolos:

· Vasilis Moraitis/ Ploutonos 63, Aigaleo / phone. +30 697 4004423

· Nikos Moustakas/ Khfisou 89, Aigaleo/ phone. +30 697 7906738

For more information, contact us at: +30 6944 66 56 46.

Photo: Dora Kavellary
Photo: Dora Kavellary
Photo: Dora Kavellary

Photo: Dora Kavellary