Islanders: Small Islands -One Community

Islanders: Small Islands -One Community 

The program: Islanders: Many islands – One community is an Erasmus+ KAA 220-YOUTH, Co-funded project, coordinated by Traces & Dreams, , with partners youth organisations from EsthoniaMuhu vald From Greece – Volunteer Team of Kimolos Kimolistes Ngo From MaltaPrisms From PortugalAjiter , based on an island.

The mission of this project is to preserve the culture and heritage of small islands through the power of narratives and storytelling. We aim at strengthening our connections within the islands’ community, reinforcing community engagement; where young will have the chance to make their voices heard.

By cultivating a sustainable network among small islands across Europe, with the experiences of these communities externalized, and the youth being involved in the cultural heritage of islands, building bridges of communication.

Target group: It will involve 60-80 participants aged between 15-25, with the aim of using storytelling as a way to develop young people’s creative, social and digital skills in while promoting inclusion and sustainability at a range of levels – environmental, cultural, societal and European.

The Activities include: – training of youth workers, online and in Greece (9 months), – development and implementation of a course for young people through local labs, an online pilot course and a transnational LTTA in Brussels (14 months) – creation of a digital platform for education, for an ongoing community, and for disseminating participants’ insights (24 months); – dissemination of results (18 months). It is intended as a transferable and developable model at the European level.

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