Summer nights with «Kimolos Experience» Festival 2022

“Kimolos Experience Festival” 2022,  was held for the second time, during the period of  8th June 2022 to 3rd October 2022 on Kimolos island with great success, leaving an imprint on visitors’ and locals’ minds the best impressions.

“Kimolos Experience Festival” is the label recipient of the EFFE Label, Europe’s quality stamp for remarkable arts festivals attributed for their work in the field of the arts, community involvement, and international openness.

Kimolistes Ngo offered for free to visitors and islanders a wide range of venues integrated with the “Kimolos Experience Festival” 2022. It combined Cine Kalisperitis open-air cinema screenings at Polyaigos, Milos, Kimolos emerald beaches, Workshops on the environment, Lectures, Kimolistes Ngo Book Launch, concert, hiking tours to Skiadi,(rock formation) as well as traditional Cycladic celebrations.

*The friends of Kimolos Drama group had  their very first performance on stage, with the theatrical play “ TO TOC” Laurent Baffie’s comedy, under the guidance of George Zaimakis, at the Medieval Castle both on 25th June 2022, and on 30th July 2022. The audience enjoyed the play and it was an immersive experience for the theatrical group, too.

**“Cine Kalisperitis”  screenings took place in the most amazing places, like the Kastro at Chorio, Goupa, Rema, Alyki, Dekas,  Polyaigos island, at Sarakiniko, and Pollonia on Milos island.

*The Greek films were presented with the support of the film company Rosebud.21

-“A Second Chance” Danish Thriller film at the Medieval Castle on 26/6/2022

– “Benvenuti al Sud” Italian Comedy film on 7/7/2022

-“Man of God” Greek Drama film on S. Nektarios life, at Chrysostomos Church at Chorio-Kimolos,  on 16/7/2022

– “Dilili in Paris’’ a children’s movie and “The Edge of Heaven” Drama film by Fatih Akin 22/7/2022 at Sotiras square

– “Le diner de Cons” French comedy, 28/7/2022 at Dekas beach

-“Man of God” Greek Drama film on S. Nektarios life and “Dalida” Drama Film 31/7/2022 at Pollonia, Milos island at S. Paraskevis’s yard

-“Suntan” Greek movie. Mr. Argyris Papadimitropoulos, the film’s director and screenwriter was present at Rema, where the famous “Elephant” stony rock is formed with the  “magazia” where the fishermen keep their fishing boats, 1/8/2022

-“Back Door” Greek Drama film. Mr. Yiorgos Tsemberopoulos, the film’s director and President Of The Board Of Directors at Hellenic Film Academy  was present during the screening at Goupa bay, on 6/8/2022 & at the second screening of his movie

-“My Enemy” Greek Drama film, on 9th August 2022

-“Eiffel” Drama film by  Martin Bourboulon, on 13/8/2022, on Polyaigos island, at Panagias T’ Avlaki beach. A mesmerizing night under the stars.

-“The General” by Buster Keaton, at Alyki beach, on 17/8/2022

-“Mediterranean Odyssey for Life” Documentary film with the support of  Cyclades Preservation Fund -CPF and of  CineDoc Island, at  Klima beach, on 24/8/2022

-“Radin” French comedy  at Rema Beach, 29/8/2022

-“ Le gendarme de Saint Tropez” French comedy 2/9/2022

–“Nikostratos, the Pelican’’ at SARAKINIKO, on Milos island, an extraordinary screening on the Sarakiniko stunning rock formations, with the lunar appearance, on   3/9/2022

-“Agelastos Petra”  Greek film at Milos island. Outdoor screening at S. Triada the Church Museum, on 10/9/2022
-“The Shawshank Redemption” Drama Film at the Medieval Castle on  13/9/2022

-“Another Round” Danish film at the Medieval Castle, on 20/9/2022

-“Three Peaks”, Drama film at the Medieval Castle on 24/9/2022

-“In the Fade” by Fatih Akin, at the Medieval Castle, on 30/9/2022

-“The Heist of the Century”, Drama film at the Medieval Castle, on 3/10/2022

*Lecture organized by the Greek organization “Strong-me” for the victims of domestic violence, on 6/7/2022

*”Εxperience of Goodness” Lydie Dattas, performed by Christina Taskasapidou at Medieval Castle, on 10/7/2022

*Concert with Pantelis Kyramargios on 23/7/2022 with the musicians Baios Prapas, Thanasis Mantzaris, and Fotis Koromilas

*Book Launch

“A young Kimolistas”,written by Agatha Rodi, illustrated by Mateya Arkova. A children’s picture book, 9+  age group, referring to Kimolistes contribution, Cine Kalisperitis, and the islanders who are known for their contribution, on 18/8/2022

*Storytelling Waves  Workshops

They took place on 19th and 20th August 2022, at Sotiras place for kids, related to Posidoneia meadows, plastic awareness, origami, and craft making, under the auspices of Greek National Tourism Organisation.

*Traditional Cycladic Panigyri Celebrations

-“Ladenia Celebration” at the School premises, organized with the Hoteliers association and the Business owners of the island, on 15/8/2022

-“Polyaigos Panigyri, Panagias Polyviatissas Monastery” on Polyaigos island, organised with the Business owners, on 21/8/2022

-“Panagia Ceimelis Panigyri” on Kimolos mountainous area, on 8/9/2022

The Volunteer Team of Kimolos Kimolistes Ngo, mainly targets to create compelling content and experiences that evoke exploration of the Kimolian life while uplifting and sharing stories of our guests, team members, change-makers and artists working  together so as to bring Cine Kalisperitis unique contribution, to the attention of audiences worldwide, through multiple perspectives.