It’s important for our group the fact that, apart from our actions as Kimolistes, we collaborate with organizations, whose actions improve the quality of our environment and our life. From July 2018 we are ambassadors of the project Sea Change Greek Islands powered by the A C Laskaridis Charitable Foundation targeting the protection of our sea world and the reduction of the one usage plastic. Kimolos is one of the 10 islands on this project. Main target is the protection of the sea and the mutual effort to change mentality and habits. As ambassadors of the project “Sea Change Greek Islands” we observed the whole range of actions and we participated actively to both of their visits. The involvement of children and young people in the issues that concern us is the most important investment for the future of our place. Through the educational program for primary school children on school premises, as well as the citizenscience program for teenagers on the beaches of the island, the students were introduced to the problem of marine pollution and introduced proposals for actions that they can take, either individually or in groups, for changing their daily habits. This was the first school team that enthusiastically accepted to create an environmental Sea Change Club! Then we organized and carried out the voluntary cleaning of the beaches of Aliki, Mavrospilia, Psathi, Bonatsa, Klima, Prassa and Kalamitsi. Of course, our team had already started the cleanup earlier with the Dekas coast and was familiar with the system for recording the findings. This was followed by two open-air documentaries (“Straws” and “Egeo – The sea for me” by Vicky Markolefa and Bastian Fischer) with free admission for the public, in order to inform and raise awareness of Kimolos residents and visitors on the subject. of marine pollution. And so on! And there’s more to come!