The cave of Consolina (Paliokastro)

The entrance of the cave


This cave forms a room and the dimensions are the following: length 4 m. 15 cm., Width 2 m. 65 cm. And height 2 m. 20 cm.

This cave, as it is built, gives the impression that it was used for water storage, which is used by the inhabitants of this village (Paliokastro) for their needs.

    It is also observed that the rocks around this cave were normally cut, giving the impression that the inhabitants of the island of that time used tools to cut the hard rocks.

Source: “On the prehistoric culture of the Cyclades islands, the island of Kimolos rather than Haridimou G. Moustaka Lawyer”.

    Unfortunately, we do not know what the cave was called in antiquity, but according to sources, this cave got its name around the Middle Ages, when in a pirate raid on the island, the wife of the French Konsola (consul) found refuge in this cave. Since then, it has been called the Consolina Cave.

    We do not know the fate of this woman. But according to the legends of our place, there are various variations, some are pleasant, some unpleasant and some mention the existence of a love story. We consider it better to leave the end of the above story in the realm of your imagination!


The Cave of Consolina (Paliokastro 365m.)
The Cave of Consolina (Paliokastro 365m.)



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