New winds will blow our sails this year. No, it’s not the libeccio or the sirocco one. It is “KIMOLOS EXPERIENCE” Festival 2021.  This year’s festival by “Kimolistes – Ngo”, Kimolos volunteer group and its friends work with dedication and passion to organize on the island, from one side to the other; lectures-discussions, hikes, musical events, and outdoor film screenings. Its  companions will be the Cyclades Preservation Fund, the Protection Fund of the Cyclades that supports local initiatives for the sustainable management of the environment, as that of Kimolos and the CineDoc – Greece Island Film Festival that travels to the Cycladic islands with fiction and documentary films.

At the top of our pioneer events for 8th consecutive year, the legendary Cine KALISPERITIS with our evening open air screenings. The Greek Film “POLYXENI”, on Sunday 6th  June at 9.30 at the Medieval Castle, is going to be the first film presented. Our warm regards to the distribution company ROSEBUD 21 for its contribution that is aligned with the course of Cine KALISPERITIS, all these years.

Screenings of the films “ EFTYHIA” and “ SUCCESS STORY” will follow. We also express our gratitude to both the creators and the distribution companies of the above films;  for those that are going to follow, as well as to the Greek Society for the Environment and Cultural Heritage,  that kindly grants us films from its own Panorama of ecological films.

KIMOLISTES Ngo,Cine KALISPERITIS, the islanders, our visitors and of course the “KIMOLOS EXPERIENCE” Festival 2021 are together on this summer’s traveling. So have a good travel… and set  sail …


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