Mr. Piet Jasparet, Vice-President of Europa Nostra.

Ms. Anne Grady, Policy Officer of European Cultural Heritage.

Mr. Manos Vougioukas, Secretary-General of the European Cultural Tourism Network.

Your Excellencies.

Ladies & Gentlemen.

It’s a great honor for the Kimolistes NGO to get the 1st award on the category of Destination Sustainable Cultural Tourism. I feel deeply moved as the representative of our volunteer team and of the Cinekalisperitis’ inspirer.

Every year from June to mid-October, the open-air cinema is transferred around Kimolos spectacular beaches, on the paradise island of Polyaigos, at Kimolos medieval castle, the Kastro and at the Chorio’s squares.

Cinekalisperitis open-air cinema consists the model of Sustainable Cultural Tourism the last 10 years, contributing to people’s sensibilization regarding the environmental impact, focusing on the individual, interpersonal relationships with the islanders and the tourists; leading to an aesthetic harmonization with the environment.

Hiking tourism preserves the unspoiled beauty of the paths where our ancestors left their imprint. Our tourists are our guests and Kimolos leaves an indelible mark on their memory, enhancing their respect for the maintenance of the Kimolian tradition. The Kimolian cuisine enforces the local production connecting the past with the present.

With this award, you honor Kimolos the Aegean Island of the 37.5 kilometers with a great history in art, and a civilization of over 5.200 years. This award is for the “Kimolia-Gi” first recorded in 405 B.C, by Aristophanes the ancient Greek comedy writer, on his theatrical play “Frogs”. Tonight, with this distinction, Kimolos Island is writing history again being the ancestral key-figure over the course of time.

We dedicate this award to our volunteers from all over Greece, to the Kimolian supporters, and our sponsors. It’s a bright distinction for Greece, Kimolistes NGO Team, the Cinekalisperitis, and Kimolos Experience Festival 2021. This award embraces for us in a broader concept the cultural legacy for the 7th art, the cinema, and it’s the motivation for the Kimolistes NGO to continue with a dynamism towards our fellow human beings and society. The Kimolistes team expresses their gratitude from the bottom of their hearts. Thank you!


Kimolistes NGO was awarded the ECTN AWARD 2021 on the category of Cultural and «Creative Industries (CCIs) contribution to Cultural and Creative Tourism development». Kimolistes NGO submitted its proposal under the title «Enhancing Cultural restructure of Sustainable Tourism’s Perspectives on Kimolos Island» through «Cinekalisperitis» the first open-air cinema, introduced on the Aegean Islands, being on its 9th year of screenings at the remote Kimolian beaches of natural beauty.

The prize is awarded every year to NGOs that were distinguished for their outstanding dedication in promoting Sustainable Cultural Tourism to their Communities. It is the first time that a Greek candidacy prevails for the award, and it’s important that the Cycladic Island of Kimolos received such a recognition with the «Cinekalisperitis» open-air cinema to offer entertainment and cultural awareness.


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