The Volunteer Team of Kimolos “Kimolistes” NGO, coordinator & co-organizer with 4 European organizations at ERASMUS+ KAA220-YOUTH!


It is a special honor and joy for the Volunteer Team of Kimolos and our member, the educator & writer Agatha Rodi, the implementation of her idea with the cooperation of 4 European organizations based in the following countries:



Portugal-Azores-Terceira Island

Estonia-Muhu vald island

Ms. Rodi, having the idea of recording the cultural heritage of Kimolos’ Island, through storytelling in combination with Sustainable Development, the rebirth of tradition and stories, coming in contact with Traces & Dreams and Ms. Nerina Finetto in January 2022, shared her vision for the launch of the program from Greece and the island of Kimolos.

Thus, the joint synergy was born in a program that concerns young people aged 15 to 25 years with the aim of exchanging, educating, and recording from their part, all the unique elements that characterize Small Islands, as the program is entitled:


which will take place in 2023-2024. The aim of the program is to activate young people living on small islands such as the Cycladic Island of Kimolos in the direction of storytelling as a tool for the preservation of cultural heritage through sustainable development and recording of culture.

The first official exchange of information and implementation of our action plan will have as a destination the Azores in April 2023, and the island of Terceira, where 2 members of the Kimolistes Ngo will be present, and then the visit of the members of the organizations, will follow for a week to the island of Kimolos, in September 2023 in the framework of the program.

Upon completion of the program, the working group of young people from Kimolos and members of Kimolistes Ngo will travel, representing Kimolos’ participation in a meeting in Brussels, informing other European countries about the results of the program in June 2024.

The achievement of the co-organization of such a program that starts from Kimolos and Greece fills us with feelings of satisfaction since Ms. Rodi’s idea/proposal is realized, as she believes that narration is the only means of preserving the cultural identity of a place.

Soon we will have more news from Ms. Rodi and updates with frequent posts.

Stay tuned for more!


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