Cinekalisperitis, on Wednesday 11/8/2021 at the Schoolyard of Chorio, with the screening:



– At 9.00 pm The Children’s film “Children of The Sea” by Ayumu Watanabe, lasting 111, 2019, Japan. 

Ruka from a young age is impressed by her father’s aquarium. Growing up she is attracted to the enchanting beauty of the aquarium and starts hanging out with two mysterious boys, Umi and Sora whom he meets there. She and the two boys brought up by Digong (sea cows) at the bottom of the sea are the only persons in the city who can hear the distant and bewitching songs that come from the ocean. The music they listen to will lure them into exciting water adventures.


This film is the second to be screened as part of the participation of our  volunteer group “Kimolistes” (Ngo) in the collaboration network of Cyclades Preservation Fund-CPF and CineDoc Island with screenings of films and award-winning environmental documentaries that aim to inspire, empower and promote joint environmental actions and initiatives at a local level. After the end of the screening of the documentary with Greek subtitles, the audience will have the opportunity to discuss with the environmentalist, Mrs. Smaragda Orfanou, who coordinates the discussion concerning a variety of environmental issues and any other queries that may arise. Participants will have the opportunity to take part in the CPF & CineDoc competition that will be announced regarding the selection of the best environmental action and mobilization ideas on our island.

– At 10.15p.m  the award-winning documentary “ When Tomatoes Met Wagner”, by Marianna Oikonomou, duration 72’. The documentary transfers us to  a small village in the Thessalian plain. The village is called Ilias and it’s located in Karditsa. It has about 30 residents, mostly of whom are elderly people.

There, two cousins and five women, decide to make a fresh start. With a little help from Wagner’s music playing in the fields and through the stories told to get courage, they attempt to penetrate the global market with the organic cultivation of an old tomato seed.

With a humorous and poetic aspect, the film is about the power of human relationships, the importance of humans seeing life differently redefining themselves in difficult times.

The screening will take place in the schoolyard, without torches and lanterns and not on the Psathi beach , as it was primarily announced, due to the extension until 13/8/2021 of the emergency measures, relevant to the fires according to the Legislative Content Act (Government Gazette 138/a/5-8-2021). We are waiting for you!!!

The Volunteer Group ” Kimolistes”(Ngo) with the thought to our fellow citizens and friends who were tormented and suffer, after having lost their fortunes from the whirlwind of the fires, decided the proceeds from tomorrow’s sales of the anniversary calendars for 2022 as well as the woven bracelets and key chains from the Fibra Fibra weaving workshop, to be donated to the Red Cross assisting the fire victims.


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