Documentary Screening “My Octopus Teacher” on Amoni Beach, Monday 21:15 p.m. (2/8)


The Cyclades Preservation Fund (CPF) και το CineDoc, start their cooperation with the Volunteer Group “Kimolistes”(Ngo) taking care of the environment with discussions and joint actions. Kimolos is  the first Cycladic island among the other four that will follow, participating in the network of cooperation of CPF & CineDoc with screenings of films and award-winning environmental documentaries aiming to inspire, empower and promote joint environmental actions and initiatives at a  local level. After the end of the screening of the documentary with Greek subtitles, the audience will have the opportunity to discuss with the Environmentalist, Ms. Smaragda Orfanou who coordinates the discussion, concerning a variety of environmental issues and any other queries that may arise.

Participants will have the opportunity to take part in the CPF & CineDoc competition that will be announced regarding the selection of the best environmental action and mobilization idea on our island. We remind you that during the screening there will be strict observance of personal protection measures against the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19, with the mandatory use of a mask for viewers as well as keeping the necessary distances.

We inform you that the bus will leave the post office (OTE) at 20:45p.m. for Amoni. Return from Amoni at 23: 20p.m to the village.

My Octopus Teacher 

Pippa Ehrlich, James Reed / 90’ / 2020 / South Africa, Netherlands

When director Craig Foster began freediving lessons in the icy waters of the Atlantic, he didn’t even imagine the warm relationship he would develop with a seabed creature. Years later, he finds that ” we can have meaningful ties to nature anywhere, even with a plant growing in an apartment –  and this thanks to an octopus that inspires us to explore a wild world, but also to become members of a familiar, large family. A cinematic gesture of respect and freedom, a tender cosmology lesson.


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