On Friday 17/9/2021 at the Medieval Kastro, a remarkable documentary, one of your favorite films will be screened at “Cine kalisperitis”!!!


At 20: 00p.m,” Dry Stone-Wall, Supports of the Aegean”, a documentary from the Greek panorama of the Hellenic Society of Environment and culture, by Lydia Karras & Amalia Zepou.

(2011, duration 19)

It captures authentic moments of traditional masons on Sifnos island, who communicate by improvising with couplets while teaching volunteers the art of building and preserving dry stone walls, this ancient and rich technique of “Dry stone”. The Dry stone walls not only save the soil from erosion and the island from desertification, but also frame a network of trails that attracts more and more hikers, extending the tourist season in time and quality. In that way, during the course of the film, the viewer also experiences the Dry stone rescue. We remind you that since November 2018 UNESCO has the technique of Dry stone in the monuments of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of mankind.

At 20: 20p.m “Synoikia To Oneiro”, a social-dramatic film of 1961, lasting 95΄, directed by Alekos Alexandrakis, written by Tassos Livaditis and Kostas Kotzias. Starring: Alekos Alexandrakis, Manos Katrakis,  Aliki Georgouli, in music and songs by Mikis Theodorakis, performed by Grigoris Bithikotsis . At “Asyrmatos” slum of Athens, located between the hill of Philopappos and Ano Petralona area, its inhabitants try in every way to escape poverty, without losing their dignity while dreaming of a better tomorrow.

This particular movie came second to Cine Kalisperitis friends’ preference, for the 10th year anniversary screening of our Volunteer Team “Kimolistes” (Ngo), and it was chosen to honor the recent loss of our great composer, Mikis Theodorakis.

We are waiting for you to enjoy it!!!




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