Map of Kimolos – Polyaigos


The new map of Anavasi was published on May 17, 2017.

Below we mention the new routes that have been registered in the new map:

1) Kefales – Piso Xoni

2) Fanara – Stentas

3) Achladies – before “Kavos tis Gerakias”

4) Kefales – Achladies (“Aspri Plaka”)

5) Achladies – Moutela

6) Soufi – Achladies (part of the route goes through properties and therefore hasn’t been fully registered in the map)

7) Ennias – Mpoukes (old mines)

8) Lempounia – Xevri (Ampourdektis)

9) Fleaki – Honi

10) Panagias t’ aulaki – Faros (Ammoura, Poluaigos)

11) Mersini – Skala Grigoriou – Faros (Ammoura, Poluaigos)

12) Kefales – Spilia Konsolinas (Palaiokastro). Other routes are also available for access to the cave of Konsolina but unfortunately they will be registered in the next version of the Anavasi map.

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What exactly does the AvenzaMaps?
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• Measurement of distance or area.
• Take photos with GPS position

You can either buy or download the maps from:
1) AvenzaMapStore (Kimolos is free) or
2) from e-shop of Anavasi
In the first case they are downloaded in your phone and you open them via the app. In the second case, you click at category digital maps and download the map named *84rar.  First you decompress the file on a computer and then you import it (the file ending in –tif you extracted from the rar file) to your phone via Dropbox (you should have dropbox to your computer and mobile device) or through an SD card (for Android devices). Finally, you open the app Avenzamaps and in the top section you will see a ‘+’, click it and add the map from where you saved it (dropbox or microSD).

Detailed description of the download of the Avenza maps app (iOs and Android) using the map with the paths of Kimolos (version Anavasi).