Kimolistes Volunteer Team of Kimolos

Kimolistes- Kimolos Volunteer Team

It was in 2011 when a bunch of people with the willingness to help the island of Kimolos, started by offering simple but useful actions of volunteer work.  The cleaning of the beaches and the efforts to take care of the public places of the Chorio were our first activities.

The incentive to adopt a different perception and expand our volunteer activities was given by the visit of EPOS FILIS (Hellenic Cultural Mountaineering Club) to Kimolos, the summer of 2013, to clear and mark certain traditional paths.

Once trekking on the paths, that are inaccessible to vehicles, we discovered the natural beauty of Kimolos as well as our ancestors’ hard way of living, since they cultivated all these rough mountainous areas! The natural and wild beauty, in unison with nature’s artistic creativity, sculpts the rocks with wind and rain, shaping caves and monuments like «Skiadi». The incomparable view of the Aegean Sea with the islands around Kimolos, as well as the panoramic view of dozens of coastal coves, accessible only through the paths or by boat, stimulate constantly both the walkers’ and the members’ interest in mountaineering clubs.

Nevertheless, our initiatives go beyond the paths. We are involved with the local cultural events and customs of our island, having always the Municipality of Kimolos as our supporter. The year begins with the traditional carols of the holiday season, from door-to-door singing all over the Chorio. We participate in the Municipality’s Carnival events while making efforts to revive and preserve the Easter traditions such as Lazarus’s carols, and the burning of Judas.

The type of events we choose is a combination of old and new ideas. During the summertime, our enthusiasm is at its peak, offering daily events around the island both to residents and visitors.

A wide range of events being part of the «Kimolos Experience» Festival, takes place from one side of the Kimolos island to the other; as well as on Polyaigos island. The whole endeavor comprises excursions, hikes to «Skiadi», the open-air cinema «Cine Kalisperitis» with screenings on remote beaches and picturesque spots at Chorio, along with the provision of open-air lending libraries for the public, canoeing in the sea, co-organization of Festivals and participation in Fairs.

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